What is The Kit?

So what exactly is The Kit?

As a momma of two little boys I find myself leaning on sensory activities A LOT. I find that they help refocus, recenter and calm their wild little spirits and are such a great alternative to screen time. As much as I love doing these activities with my kids, I began to find it overwhelming to come up with an idea, set it up and then eventually clean it all up too. I would go digging through my craft supplies and end up with a huge mess causing even more stress than I had to begin with. That’s when I decided to create an alternative solution for those days you just don’t have the time (or energy) to pull together an activity.

The HOYO Kit is minimal enough to not overwhelm your kids (or you!) but has just enough pieces to really spark their imagination. The pieces are easy to clean up, store in the included drawstring bag, and grab the next time they’re ready to play with it. Everything in the kit is intentionally picked with texture exploration in mind, not just filled with meaningless junk. It’s truly an open ended activity that they can play with over and over again. You’ll be amazed when you see how their imagination comes to life with just a few simple pieces. 

Time with our babies is so precious. My mission with The Kit is to save you the time of coming up with an idea and the hassle of cleaning it up so that you can really be intentional with your babes.  Watch and help them create, imagine and explore because that’s when they really show you their magic ✨.