Mat Care

-Is there anything I can't use on my mat?

Avoid acrylic or oil paints.  Be sure to take caution when using highly pigmented items on your mat including food and beverages or colored play dough as slime.  Markers and pens should not be used directly on the mat. Dry erase markers should be used on plastic portion of the mat only 

-How do I clean the mat?

Spot treat the mat as needed. We recommend a gentle cleanser like mild soapy water and a wash cloth. Clorox wipes may be used for sanitizing on our solid mats. We do not recommend harsh chemicals on our printed mat as it may distort or rub off the print.  Be sure to test products on a small section first.

The mat can be sprayed with water and wiped dry immediately if needed

If you encounter a tough stain on our solid mats (not printed), try a touch of hairspray or rubbing alcohol in a small section then gently wipe clean

-How do I get the creases out of the mat?

Our mats are shipped folded in a drawstring bag. Sometimes when they arrive they can have creases. Try setting them out in the sun for a short time to loosen the crease lines. We suggest laying flat to store or hanging your mat to avoid creases

-Can I use dry erase markers on the Play Mat?

Dry erase markers on the plastic portion of the Play Mat can be a great way to incorporate learning and fun. We recommend using a dry mr clean magic eraser for erasing. Take caution not to rub too hard or it may damage the surface.