What is the pod?

the HOYO pod is made of a lycra spandex with a 4 way stretch. It is a fun and alternative way to offer users a sensory experience.

The Pod is designed to provide calming deep pressure, meant to hug your body and provide soothing proprioceptive input.
The stretchy material offers resistance when you move but is a light breathable material. A lot of people find the enclosed feeling to be calm and regulating, a safe space.
Those who don't crave the sensory aspects of the pod will enjoy playing with it or relaxing in it just as much as a great open ended activity accessory!
Can it be washed?
Absolutely! We recommend washing the pods on a regular cycle and then hanging out or laying flat to dry.
What size should I get?
The pod fits best when the users height is equal to or slightly taller (no more than 6") than the pod.
If you're in between sizes we recommend sizing up for better compression effect.
Small - 40"x27" Fits most children 3 years - 6 years of age and up to about 45"
Medium- 45"x27" Fits Most children 6 years - 11 years and up to about 54"
Large- 62"x30" Fits most 12+ years old 60"+
Is this product only for those with sensory processing disorder or other sensory sensitivities? 
We have found our pod to be enjoyed by both sensory seekers, avoiders and those who seem not to show any sensitivity at all.
It makes a great open ended toy for all sorts of fun! Fill it up with your stuffed animals and create a fun soft seat. Drag it behind you for a homemade roller coaster ride or use it as a super hero cape. The possibilities are endless.
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