Frequently Asked Questions-

What is "Doughyo"?

Our version/recipe of play dough! 

What are the ingredients of your Doughyo?

Our dough is made from all natural ingredients. Flour, salt, cream of tarter, vegetable oil (or coconut oil), water and food grade food coloring.

Do you use fragrance to scent your Doughyo?

Nope! Any scents in our dough comes from a couple of drops of essential oils. 

How should I store the Doughyo to last long?

All of our dough is sent to you in an air tight container that should keep it nice and soft. If you find it has dried out, we recommend adding a couple drops of vegetable or coconut oil to soften it up. Doughyo should last for months if stored properly. 

What age is the kit for? 

We recommend ages 3 and up because it contains many small loose parts and choking hazards. Please always only use under parental supervision. 

What if my child eats the dough?

Although our Doughyo is non-toxic, it is meant for play and is not edible. 

Is my item returnable?

We handle returns on a case by case basis. Please email us with any concerns.

Do you do custom orders?

We have a minimum purchase necessary for custom orders. Please email us with details of your event so we can discuss details




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